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Brook Lane Launches New Branding

Brook Lane LogoFor more than 70 years, Brook Lane has served this region as a leading provider of mental and behavioral health care. A tree has been our symbol for much of that time. As we continually strive to make certain our current programs meet the increasing needs of this community, we felt it was time to make some changes to better reflect our vision and represent all of the various services we provide in 2021 and beyond. 

There should be a strong and powerful meaning behind an effective logo. When we began the process of creating a new logo for Brook Lane—an organization that has been a stalwart in this area for so long—it was important that our branding would be something familiar and comfortable. The imagery would need to connect with our rich history and beautiful main campus, but also provide next level meaning to encompass the incredible growth and expansion we have experienced over the past seven decades. We wanted something that would bring about feelings of safety, something earthy and tranquil that suggests healing, health, a positive journey and have an uplifting effect. We believe we have found all that and more in these bright and hopeful leaves that are engaged in upward movement. They are not single leaves alone, but are overlapping, symbolizing community and support. The first leaf is at the bottom, void of color–much like many of our clients and patients when they first arrive. They may be void of happiness or feeling at all. As they begin to heal, they move out of the darkness and begin to lift and fill with strength and confidence, as the blue leaf suggests. The green leaf is at the top of the box and filled with life and renewal. The gray box adds a solid foundation for the leaves to be able to go through this life-changing journey. 

Leaves symbolize: beginnings, victory, transformation, strength, determination, and change. The color blue symbolizes: strength, trust, loyalty, wisdom, confidence, faith and truth and has been shown to slow human metabolism and produce a calming effect. The color green symbolizes: life, nature, renewal, growth, freshness and safety.

When selecting our new tag line, we consulted a database of more than 600 taglines of health care organizations across the country. Three individual words HOPE, HEALING and RECOVERY stood out to us more than any other words or phrases to perfectly describe what we strive to do and what our patients and clients are searching for when they come to us. The word hope, in particular, is especially powerful, as no matter which program you may be in, no matter what you’ve been through to bring you to us, hope is the one thing that resonates with everyone.

The new logo will start to be seen on signage in all four locations, and in marketing material, this fall. We are excited about these bright, meaningful changes. In a time that has been uncertain for so many over the last 18 months, we invite this community to join together on a journey of hope, healing and recovery.