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Meet Brook Lane Therapist Amanda Barnhart

Amanda Barnhart is an adult mental health therapist providing counseling services at Brook Lane’s North Village outpatient location. She has a special interest in working with individuals with substance use challenges and is a member of Brook Lane’s Integrated Substance Use Treatment Program (InSTEP) team. The InSTEP team works within a framework and understanding that addiction is a brain disorder and not a moral issue. As a member of this team, she provides specialized education and person-centered treatment to help clients manage and overcome their dependence on substances.

Amanda has a passion for working with people and helping them resolve problems and reach their goals. This is what drew her to the field of mental health. She began working with individuals struggling with alcohol and substance use immediately after completing her master’s degree. For more than six years, she has been a member of the Brook Lane staff and enjoys the diversity of her caseload. In addition to working with individuals with substance use challenges, she also sees clients with other mental health concerns. She also enjoys being a part of a diverse treatment team that encourages collective problem solving. Their varied experience and backgrounds enhance the depth of her own treatment approaches.

Amanda was born and raised in Hagerstown, Maryland. She and her husband recently moved into a new home and she is enjoying learning about gardening and landscaping. They are both West Virginia University basketball fans and attend several games every year.