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Meet Danielle Roncone, Laurel Hall Hagerstown Therapist

BRoncone Familyeing a school student can be a very emotionally challenging time, particularly for those who have difficulty regulating their emotions. Having access to a mental health therapist can make all the difference in having a successful year. For the past 6 years, therapist Danielle Roncone has been helping students at Laurel Hall School in Hagerstown learn how to manage their impulses and emotions and appropriately advocate for themselves. She works together with teachers, mental health associates, and other school staff to help recognize the emotional needs of students and to intervene quickly when there are emotional disturbances. Being in the school setting gives her the opportunity to teach and reinforce emotional regulation and coping skills in real time.

Danielle has always had an interest in psychology and knew from an early age she wanted to help people, particularly children and adolescents. After earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology, Danielle worked in residential treatment centers in New York, Florida and Maryland. She spent two years in Florida while her husband was in the army. While there, she enrolled in graduate school and earned a Master’s Degree in Counseling and Psychology. In 2008, Danielle earned her credential as a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor (LCPC).

She has been with Brook Lane for nearly 16 years and has worked in most every program with the exception of outpatient services. She began her career working in the Admissions department and with residents of our previously provided residential program, Stone Bridge. She later transitioned to the hospital where she provided therapy to individuals in need of acute care for nine years. When the opportunity presented itself, Danielle moved to Laurel Hall to work with students with special needs and/or emotional challenges. Her work helps foster students’ social and emotional growth and development. Most recently, she has been dividing her time between Laurel Hall and the Child and Adolescent Partial Hospital Program until another therapist is hired.

Danielle was born and raised in Syracuse, New York. She has been married for almost 19 years. She and her husband have three children and two rescue dogs they adopted from Virginia Paws for Pits and K9 Lifesavers rescue organizations. They also have a cat they rescued from Brook Lane. Her family loves sports, especially football and soccer. Danielle helped to organize and manage a youth football team. Her family is frequently running to practices and now high school games during the week. Their weekends are spent at either youth football or soccer games.

Danielle is an executive board member for The Aiden Matthew Ripple Effect Foundation. This newly created foundation was founded by a local family who lost their child to suicide. The goal of the foundation is to raise awareness of mental health in the community, particularly in the schools, and among the youth of our community.