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Meet Lynne Corea, Brook Lane's Associate Chaplain

Brook Lane’s part-time Associate Chaplain, Lynne Corea, uses her passion for Jesus, compassion, and empathy to help create positive change in her community.

Before she was a Chaplain, Lynne was a guidance counselor for 20 years, mentoring high school and college students to succeed in school and their careers.

“I think teens and young adults are inspiring to be around,” says Lynne. “They have so many ideas and think outside the box.”

Her husband had been a minister for more than 30 years and decided to change direction and become a hospital chaplain. After watching her husband go through the program, Lynne saw that he was very happy and fulfilled. As a result, she decided to follow in her husband’s footsteps. 

Lynne is involved in working with all patients in our hospital and Partial Hospitalization Programs (PHP) for adults, children, and adolescents. She also consults with patients requesting pastoral visits and manages Life Journey and Spiritual Support Groups.

Her favorite part of the job is consulting with people and facilitating Spiritual Support Groups.

“I love people and talking about Jesus,” says Lynne.

Creating Positive Change Outside of Work

Outside of work, Lynne is passionate about helping others. Every Saturday morning, she works with a group who feeds the homeless in downtown Hagerstown. She also works with an orphanage in Honduras–something her family has been doing for almost 20 years.

“Many children who age out of the orphanage don’t have an education past high school, no career skills, and no place to go,” says Lynne. “They are no jobs where the orphanage is located, but there are drugs and crime.”

To solve this problem, Lynne’s oldest daughter started a program to help children to go to college. They were able to raise money for several students to go to a Christian college in Mexico, Costa Rica, and Peru. They currently have 12 graduates who are now supporting themselves and giving back to their communities.

“They were able to break the cycle of poverty,” says Lynne. “The best part is that these young adults are part of our family. I’m grateful to have them in our lives.”

Lynne has been with Brook Lane for five years and works at our main campus. She received her Masters of Arts in School Counseling and is currently finishing her Chaplaincy training. Visit our Spiritual Care page to learn how Brook Lane uses spiritual healing in mental and behavioral care.