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Creating Work-Life Balance

July 16, 2021 - 12:00 pm to 12:45 pm
301-733-0331 x1228
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image of balance of work and life

Many people today feel torn between juggling their workload, managing relationships and family responsibilities and squeezing in outside interests. This can create stress, make you irritable or depressed and damage relationships. Join Jason Manning-Beekman, LCPC, as he discusses practical steps to loosen the grip that stress can have and how to win back balance in your life.


Jason Manning-Beekman, LCPC, is a licensed clinical professional counselor providing therapy for patients in Brook Lane’s hospital part-time. He has over two years of experience in providing acute mental health therapy for children and adolescents at Brook Lane. Jason is currently completing his course requirements for a doctorate degree in education at his alma mater, Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia