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Understanding Seasonal Affective Disorder or Seasonal Depression

Do the shorter days and winter months get you down? Seasonal Affective Disorder is a type of depression that typically occurs in the fall and continues into the winter months. During this virtual program, Dr.


Effective Interventions for First Episode Psychosis - ZOOM seminar

This continuing education ZOOM seminar will focus on the spectrum of illnesses known as schizophrenia and related disorders, with special emphasis on intervention and treatment for first episode psychosis.


Ethical Decision Making in Psychotherapy & Counseling

This program will provide 3 hours of continuing education in ethics, law, professional conduct and risk management to satisfy Maryland licensure requirements.


What are Co-occurring Disorders?

When an individual has a substance use addiction as well as a mental health disorder, they are often diagnosed as having a co-occurring or dual disorder.


The Importance of Student Mental Health

The anticipation of starting a new school year can be difficult for some students. Academic pressure, making new friends and any kind of change from the previous year can cause stress and anxiety.


Creating Work-Life Balance


Coping with Trauma: Moving Forward

Trauma is defined as an emotional response to a terrible event. People often think of trauma as a reaction to abuse, terrorism or a catastrophic event and that is correct. Yet it can also be a response to frequent arguing, loss of a job or a loved one.


Trauma & PTSD: Working with Victims Who Have Become the Accused

This seminar, held in recognition of PTSD Awareness Month, is designed to provide clinicians with an understanding of the unique aspects of forensic trauma and how a victim might become the accused.


Treating Panic Disorder Using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy - ZOOM Seminar

This 4-hour ZOOM seminar will introduce advanced skills for optimizing cognitive behavior therapy for the treatment of individuals with panic disorder. The seminar will emphasize strategies to enhance learning during exposure practices for panic disorder.


Be Kind to Your Mind

This FREE Facebook Live Event will focus on minding your thoughts. Every action, decision, and spoken word originates with a thought. We often underestimate the control we have over the thoughts that come into our minds - both positive and negative.