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Brook Lane is offering four FREE Parent Group Sessions on Monday evenings from 6:00 pm — 7:00 pm at Brook Lane’s North Village Campus.
You are invited to attend any, or all of the sessions, just come!
Mon, Feb 25   Self-care Tips for Parents
Parenting can be emotionally and physically draining. This session will offer tips to help parents strengthen their emotional & physical health so they will be better prepared for the job of parenting.
Mon, March 4     Figuring Out What’s Normal and What’s Not
Every child is unique and handles various environments in different ways. In this session we will talk about triggers and stressors and how to help a psychological or emotionally fragile child respond in a productive manner.
Mon, March 11          Setting Limits & Boundaries: Helping Children
Appropriately Respond to Limits
When a child has a mental health/behavioral challenge, it can get in the way of learning certain behaviors and maintaining or responding to  limits. This session will address strategies that parents can use to       increase their child’s adaptive behaviors and decrease their ineffective behaviors.
Mon, March 18          Tantrums, Aggression & Other Problem Behaviors:  Strategies for Managing Disruptive Behaviors
Many parents feel frustrated, embarrassed and sometimes fearful of someone getting hurt when their child acts out aggressively, has a temper tantrum or displays other explosive behaviors. This session will offer strategies to help parents be better prepared for outbursts and provide effective ways to respond to help defuse the situation

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