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The 1960s - Expansions and Innovations

"The 1960s - Expansions & Innovations"

Expansions Galore

In 1960, Brook Lane experienced the first of several expansions on campus, marked by the construction of a separate administration building. Over the years, this building has undergone some modifications but continues to serve as the main administrative hub to this day. The following year, in 1961, a dormitory named the Laurels was erected to accommodate women staff members and volunteers. During this period, with the draft in effect, the majority of the staff comprised individuals who lived and worked on the farm while fulfilling their Civilian Public Service (CPS) duties.

In 1962, the construction of the chapel was completed and dedicated, reinforcing Brook Lane's commitment to religious principles as a foundational aspect of its culture. The year 1964 saw the completion of the Emma G. Musselman Clinic, an addition to the administration building designed to house inpatient and outpatient therapist offices.A significant name change occurred in 1965 when Brook Lane Farm Hospital officially became Brook Lane Psychiatric Center. Simultaneously, the Fireside Lounge wing was added to the hospital, now serving as the day-room for children and adolescent patients.

Unique Therapies of the Times

The 1960s also witnessed the expansion of Brook Lane's therapeutic offerings, including a broad range of pharmacological therapies, as newer and more effective medications became available. Various forms of therapy, such as individual, group, and family interventions, along with electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) and psychodrama, were integral to the treatment approach. Psychodrama, an experimental therapy form, utilized spontaneous drama, role-playing, and self-presentation to help clients explore and gain insights into their emotions.

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