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Outpatient Therapy

Brook Lane has one of the region's largest and most qualified groups of outpatient mental health care providers. Our professional staff provides assessment, evaluation, and medication management, as well as individual, couples and family therapy and addiction counseling. The diversity of treatment options allows our clinicians to provide individualized care for each client. Outpatient treatment offers support, guidance, and intervention to help adults develop coping skills, heal and move forward.

Our Staff

Our treatment team includes board certified psychiatrists, psychiatric mental health nurse practitioners, licensed social workers, and licensed professional counselors. The therapists are licensed master's level clinicians. These practitioners are committed to helping people be more effective in caring for themselves, relating to others, and achieving their personal goals. Our approach to successful therapy and medication management is individualized for each client.


Outpatient therapy is offered at locations in Hagerstown, Frederick, and Cumberland. For more information on our locations and services provided, please visit our Locations page. 

Take the First Step

The first session with a therapist consists of completing a series of questions to develop a better understanding of the client’s concerns. The therapist records the responses to determine a diagnosis of the symptoms and to decide which therapist may be a good match.

Assistance begins by contacting our Intake/Admissions Office at 301-733-0331 x1703 or 800-342-2992. Brook Lane accepts Medicare, Medicaid and most insurance plans.