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Navigating the road of mental and behavioral health can be difficult and confusing at times. We are here to help. Whether it be an article posted in our Blog, links found on the resources page, stories shared by guests of our podcast, or information contained in the What to Expect section, we want to make things easier for you. Our goal is to make your journey to hope, healing and recovery a little smoother.


Our Blog will help you get to know a little more about Brook Lane’s dedicated staff, our many programs and services available to the community and the various mental health conditions we address and treat. The blog is growing, so continue to visit our site to read additional articles as they are added on a regular basis.


From links to other organizations and support in the community, to screening tools, to Brook Lane’s publications, this section will provide many resources to educate and equip you with important mental health-related information.


Join host Jeff O’Neal, MBA, LCPC, FACHE, & CEO in destigmatizing mental health through honest conversations in our Hope Healing Recovery Podcast. Engage in informative discussions with community stakeholders and local leaders on various behavioral health topics. Together, we inspire and advocate for mental well-being, fostering hope, healing, and recovery.

What to Expect

Brook Lane has one of the region's largest and most qualified group of mental health care clinicians who provide assessment, evaluation, medication management and treatment. If you have never been to therapy, it can be tough to take the first step. Let us walk you through what it will be like if you come to Brook Lane for assistance.