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Board of Directors

Since 1959, Brook Lane has been governed by a Board of Directors made up of members of the local community who bring a wealth of knowledge and experience in various areas including human services, management and finance. They provide oversight and guidance to ensure that Brook Lane continues to uphold its guiding principles and faith-based heritage as we strive to serve the community with compassion, dignity and the highest standards of quality care. It is important that our board members understand and support the importance of a faith perspective and demonstrate this through an active involvement in their own community of faith. Our current board members include:

Larry Bayer, Chair
Ray Miller, Vice Chair
Joyce Burkholder
Geoff Coleman
Heather Hinkle
Lauren Huguenin
Patty Hurwitz
Sharon Kuhns
Ernesto Lopez
Tod Salisbury
Lisa Smith
Christopher Stockslager
Kelly Weaver

Leadership Team

R. Lynn Rushing, Chief Executive Officer
Jason Allen, Chief Operating Officer
Deborah Bisenieks, Physician Practice Manager
Jamie Blackwood, Campus Police & Safety Office
Benjamin Corbett, Director of Facilities
Tim Delbrugge, Chief Financial Officer
Robert Fritz, Chief Information Officer
Sharon Gladfelter, Director of Health Information Services
David Gonzalez, MD, Medical Director
Julie Herman, Director of Marketing
Ralph L. Hertges, Director of Residential Services
Rachel Hull, Director of Education Services
Dawn Lewis, Director of Nutritional Services
Ron Shank, Director of Pastoral Care
Michael Shea, EdD, LCSW-C, Director of Outpatient Services
Nicole Twigg, SPHR, Director of Human Resources