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Inpatient Services

Our acute psychiatric hospital provides the most intensive level of care in a safe and therapeutic environment. Children and adolescents appropriate for the inpatient program include those who may meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • in need of crisis stabilization
  • dangerous or impulsive behaviors causing risk for injury, neglect, self-harm, or victimization
  • suicidal or homicidal thinking, posing an imminent danger to themselves or others
  • in need of emergency medication intervention for stabilization
  • having severe difficulty functioning in daily life
  • in need of monitoring 24-hours a day in a safe environment

We offer individual rooms in age-appropriate units for children and adolescents. An average hospital stay is 9 to 11 days, during which time a patient receives 24-hour nursing care and intensive clinical interventions from a multi-disciplinary treatment team.

Our Multi-disciplinary Treatment Team Includes:

  • Board certified psychiatrists
  • Psychiatric mental health nurse practitioners
  • Master's level licensed therapists
  • Psychiatric nurses
  • Mental health associates
  • Activities specialists
  • Other professionals as needed: psychologists, chaplains, dietitians, art therapists, addictions counselors

Upon admission, individuals receive a thorough assessment of their psychiatric needs. Staff develop an individualized treatment plan for each patient, which may include individual, group, family and spiritual counseling, as well as medication management.

An integral part of the program is patient education, which focuses on understanding medication, wellness, feelings, self-esteem, social skills, anger management, assertiveness, and problem solving. Group and individual therapies reinforce the education themes.

Upon discharge, patients leave the hospital with a plan for continued care. This may involve arranging outpatient treatment and/or community services for patients and their families as needed.

Take the First Step

Assistance begins by contacting the Intake/Admissions Office at 301-733-0331 x1703 or 800-342-2992. Brook Lane accepts Medicare, Medicaid, and most insurance plans.