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Laurel Hall

The Laurel Hall School Special Education Programs are designed to provide Nonpublic Education Services to students diagnosed with emotional disabilities, autism, or multiple handicaps, and who require a setting that can provide sophisticated, highly structured and individualized special education services as well as any needed psychiatric support services.  The Laurel Hall School Program in Washington County provides a Type I full day special education program as well as a Type III education program in elementary (grades 1 thruogh 8) and secondary (grades 9 through 12). The Laurel Hall School in Frederick provides a Type I full day special education program. These programs are designed to be as short-term as possible and are viewed as part of the continuum of services provided by the Washington County Board of Education and the Frederick County Board of Education.

Our programs include focusing on social and emotional development and communication for autism spectrum students, as well as educational support through psycho-educational determined daily interventions. We also offer programming for students on the certificate track that includes vocational, community and life skills training. Community outings, volunteering and internships are a part of this important programming.

Our education program is designed to foster social and emotional growth and development. All students will have the potential to receive weekly individual and group therapies as determined by their Individualized Education Plan (IEP). Our program aligns with the other services provided by the student’s Local Education Agency (LEA).

Our schools have been developed to maximize teaching English, language arts, social studies, math and sciences in a manner consistent with each student’s ability. Credits earned meet the Maryland State Department of Education’s requirements and will be transferred to the student’s LEA for graduation and issuance of a diploma. We enroll students referred from school systems in Maryland, Pennsylvania and West Virginia. We strive to transition students back into their home school as quickly as possible.

Laurel Hall, one of the many mental and behavioral health programs and services offered by Brook Lane, is a member of the Maryland Association of Nonpublic Special Education Facilities (MANSEF) and supports Brook Lane's mission "To help individuals improve their emotional and behavioral well being through education and treatment."

Our Staff

Students benefit from small class sizes and a multi-disciplinary team of professionals, including certified special education teachers, behavioral specialists, 1:1 student/adult support and staff employed to implement related services. This includes a clinical supervisor, Maryland licensed therapists and counselors, physical therapists, speech and language therapists, and an occupational therapist (on an as needed basis) as indicated by each student's program. Additionally, the school programs are supported by behavior specialists (teacher's assistants), administration assistants, a behavior data technician, testing coordinator, IEP coordinator/assistant principal, transition coordinator, a nurse and administrative personnel.

Our Locations

We have two Laurel Hall School locations. One is on the main campus in Hagerstown, MD and the other is in Frederick, MD.

Laurel Hall Special Education SchoolThe Hagerstown school has 11 classrooms, sensory spaces, art rooms, a library, curriculum resource room, office suites and an outdoor recreational area. Meals are provided in the hospital’s dining hall. The capacity is 70 students in Hagerstown.




The Frederick location has nine classrooms, sensory spaces, a library, gym, curriculum resource room and office suites. Catered meals are served in a cafeteria on site. The capacity at this location is 50 students.






Admission to Laurel Hall School (Type I) begins with an IEP process at the child’s home school. The LEA IEP team will identify students with emotional disabilities or multiple handicaps through the special education eligibility process. If the student is in need of a high level of structure and intensive support services, a referral to Laurel Hall is appropriate.

A Laurel Hall representative will meet with referring educational agency representatives and the student’s parents/guardian to assist in developing the IEP. The IEP will be reviewed yearly. For more information regarding admission to either of Brook Lane’s Laurel Hall Schools, contact Rachel Hull, Director of Education Services at 301-733-0331 x1278 or


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