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How Mindfulness Can Help Improve Your Mental Health

If you have ever been in therapy, read a self-help book, or engaged in some sort of religious or spiritual practice, chances are that you have heard of mindfulness. But even if you recognize the term, you may still be unclear about the what, why and how of mindfulness. Considering the abundance of research on the benefits of mindfulness, it’s worth learning more, and perhaps integrating a mindfulness practice into your life.

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Cathy's Story: "I credit Brook Lane with saving my life."

Cathy’s life has been filled with much anxiety and trauma. Starting at the age of five, she was sexually abused by her older brother and several other boys that were friends of her family. She never shared this with anyone for fear of what might happen. She carried the trauma of these horrible experiences with her into adulthood, unfortunately choosing a husband who also was abusive. Their marriage was tumultuous. After discovering his multiple affairs and being both sexually and mentally...

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Congressman David Trone Visits Brook Lane’s Main Campus

HAGERSTOWN, MD – Staff and leadership at Brook Lane Inc. received a visit from Congressman David Trone on Wednesday, October 12, 2022. Congressman Trone sat down with senior leaders to discuss some of the most pressing challenges and opportunities in mental and behavioral health care today. The meeting was followed by a tour of the 115-acre main campus.

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Cory Shives New Director of Therapeutic Services

Cory Shives, LCPC joined the Brook Lane staff as Director of Therapeutic Services on July 11. In this capacity, he will be overseeing the partial hospitalization programs, admissions department and inpatient therapists. He received a bachelor of science degree in psychology and a master of science degree in counseling psychology from Frostburg State University. He currently is enrolled in an MBA in healthcare management program, also at Frostburg.

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Michelle's Story: Overcoming Obsessive Compulsive Disorder to Achieve My Dreams

When I was about to turn 16, I would hear things in my mind like, “Touch this [thing] so many times so something bad won’t happen” or “You didn’t look at that right. Do it again, or else!” For a while, sleep was my escape. But then, my mind got so caught up in the disorder that I couldn’t even sleep peacefully. When I was able to sleep, my dreams would be taken over by negative thoughts. I would awaken tired, defeated, and more hopeless. I thought that surely I couldn’t share my bizarre...

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What is Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation?

What is TMS? Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) is a noninvasive, anesthesia-free treatment used to treat depression by using magnetic stimulation of the brain. During the treatment, a magnetic field is administered in short pulses to regions of the brain. The initial phase of treatment consists of coming in for treatment for 30-40 minutes for the first 4-6 weeks. After the initial phase, the patient will enter the continuation phase. The visit frequency tapers off from treatment five days...

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Summertime is the Perfect Time for Self-Care

In a world that keeps ever changing, one thing is certain: self-care is a vital aspect of our day-to-day lifestyle. Self-care is an intentional and mindful process of choosing to do something that is specifically designed for yourself that allows you to generate a sense of satisfaction. In a world that pressures us to be constantly on the move and needing to adapt to the environment all around us, this practice of taking care of oneself can be rather challenging.

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Inaugural Bridge to Hope Affair a Success!

Brook Lane hosted its inaugural Bridge to Hope Affair fundraiser on Saturday April, 30, 2022 at the Washington County Museum of Fine Arts. 

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Chris Boryan Joins Team as Director of Development

Chris Boryan joined the Brook Lane staff as Director of Development on February 21. “I believe Brook Lane offers hope and healing to those in need,” says Chris.

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Chad's Story: A Family's Journey

In 2015, our son Chad was in fourth grade and got into a conflict with one of his teachers. He had a time-out and was then sent to the office. He was very upset and felt he was not treated fairly. Chad ran away from school to come home.

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