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Summertime is the Perfect Time for Self-Care

In a world that keeps ever changing, one thing is certain: self-care is a vital aspect of our day-to-day lifestyle. Self-care is an intentional and mindful process of choosing to do something that is specifically designed for yourself that allows you to generate a sense of satisfaction. In a world that pressures us to be constantly on the move and needing to adapt to the environment all around us, this practice of taking care of oneself can be rather challenging.

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Meet Lynne Corea, Brook Lane's Associate Chaplain

Brook Lane’s part-time Associate Chaplain, Lynne Corea, uses her passion for Jesus, compassion, and empathy to help create positive change in her community. Before she was a Chaplain, Lynne was a guidance counselor for 20 years, mentoring high school and college students to succeed in school and their careers. “I think teens and young adults are inspiring to be around,” says Lynne. “They have so many ideas and think outside the box.”

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Inaugural Bridge to Hope Affair a Success!

Brook Lane hosted its inaugural Bridge to Hope Affair fundraiser on Saturday April, 30, 2022 at the Washington County Museum of Fine Arts. 

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Chris Boryan Joins Team as Director of Development

Chris Boryan joined the Brook Lane staff as Director of Development on February 21. “I believe Brook Lane offers hope and healing to those in need,” says Chris.

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Chad's Story: A Family's Journey

In 2015, our son Chad was in fourth grade and got into a conflict with one of his teachers. He had a time-out and was then sent to the office. He was very upset and felt he was not treated fairly. Chad ran away from school to come home.

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What is Addiction: What, How and When of Getting Help

When thinking about addiction, what is the first thing that comes to mind? I’d guess the first thought would be those stereotypes of stumbling and slurred speech. What might surprise you is the clinical definition of an addiction.

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The Importance of Sleep on Our Mental Health

Have you ever heard the expression that someone who is in a bad mood “woke up on the wrong side of the bed?” There is a lot of science that supports this statement. Sleep is a very important part of our lives.

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Managing the Emotional Challenges of a Prolonged Pandemic

Whenever I think about COVID-19, I can’t help but picture Steve Urkel, the fictional character on the 1980s sitcom Family Matters. Whil

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Managing Holiday Expectations

As the holiday season approaches, our thoughts turn to time with family and friends, seasonal traditions, special foods and favorite movies. The days may not always be merry and bright for everyone, though.

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Brook Lane Launches New Branding

For more than 70 years, Brook Lane has served this region as a leading provider of mental and behavioral health care. A tree has been our symbol for much of that time.

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