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Social Boundaries and Holiday Health: Caring for Yourself and Others

It has been said for many years that the holiday season comes earlier every year. Stores are flooded with festive merchandise before Halloween is even over. Songs and hymns such as the old familiar tune “It’s the most wonderful time of the year” play in stores, offices and on radio stations.

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Mecks' Story: Out of the Ashes I Rise

Mecks Mac received a bipolar disorder diagnosis in the Spring of 2011. In the initial two years post-diagnosis, she faced multiple hospitalizations due to rejecting her diagnosis and disregarding prescribed medication. During this period, she had several inpatient stays at Brook Lane’s hospital.

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Brook Lane Opens Cumberland Outpatient Clinic

Brook Lane is excited to announce that it has opened a new outpatient clinic in Cumberland, MD. This outpatient location primarily provides child and adolescent mental health services, including evaluations, individual and family counseling, psychiatry care and continuity of care through coordination with partners. Some adult appointments also will be available.

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Brook Lane Secures Spot on Most Beautiful Hospital List

Brook Lane is excited to announce that it has secured the No. 12 spot in Soliant’s Top 20 Most Beautiful Hospitals contest.

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New Leaders Join Team

M. Yuki Uchino assumed the role of Interim Chief Information Officer on July 7, after the retirement of former Brook Lane CIO, Robert Fritz. Yuki is a seasoned healthcare IT professional with proven experience as a leader and innovator working in various healthcare environments.

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Greg's Story: Laurel Hall School Has Profound Effect on Family's Life

Greg’s educational experiences before enrolling in Brook Lane’s Laurel Hall School presented daily challenges. His parents, Steve and Mary, felt that many of his prior teachers simply had given up on him and took the path of least resistance. There were a few years when Greg simply regressed and it felt to his parents as if he sadly had been neglected.

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Minority Mental Health Equity

July is recognized as National Minority Mental Health Awareness Month in honor of Bebe Moore Campbell. Bebe Moore Campbell co-founded the National Alliance on Mental Illness Urban Los Angeles, advocating for mental health education and support for minority groups.

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How to Implement Behavioral Activation in Your Life

Many people seek therapy when their mental health becomes unmanageable, such as when they or their family members begin noticing the symptoms they are facing cause significant distress or impairment in their social or occupational functioning.

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Second Annual Bridge to Hope Affair Surpasses Inaugural Success

Brook Lane raised a net total of $58,207 during the 2nd Annual Bridge to Hope Fundraising Event on Saturday April 29th, 2023.

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Jocelyn Hauer Joins Marketing Team

Jocelyn M. Hauer has joined the Brook Lane staff as Digital Marketing Manager. “Being a part of the Brook Lane team is exciting because I get to work with such a caring and dedicated group of people,” says Jocelyn.

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