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Greg's Story: Laurel Hall School Has Profound Effect on Family's Life

Greg’s educational experiences before enrolling in Brook Lane’s Laurel Hall School presented daily challenges. His parents, Steve and Mary, felt that many of his prior teachers simply had given up on him and took the path of least resistance. There were a few years when Greg simply regressed and it felt to his parents as if he sadly had been neglected.

Steve and Mary chose Brook Lane’s Laurel Hall School in Frederick based on a recommendation from an advocate working on Greg’s behalf. They were deeply impressed with the staff from their very first meeting with them. To them, Laurel Hall represented the very last chance for Greg to remain in their home while still meeting his educational requirements. “There were some tough days along the way, but Laurel Hall was a real life-saver for Greg,” said Steve. “Early on, he couldn’t wait to hop on the bus so he could be with his friends, the closest of which were members of the faculty and staff at Laurel Hall.”

“The teachers and therapists at Laurel Hall had a real talent for smoothing over the rough days and basking in the good ones, even after particularly tough incidents, they had a knack for reassuring us that there were better days ahead and that everything would be OK,” said Steve. “They were seasoned and caring professionals who were accustomed to dealing with the stark challenges that special needs students can often present. The Laurel Hall staff was patient and kind, and unfortunately, this was in contrast to some of our previous experiences.”

Greg especially loved Halloween and holiday celebrations and he looked forward to every birthday celebrated by a faculty or staff member. He developed lasting relationships and real emotional bonds with the many members of the Laurel Hall family. Greg’s academics improved greatly, too. His parents never dreamed he would be able to communicate, both verbally and through the written word, in the sophisticated manner in which he is currently able.  

Since graduating from Laurel Hall, Greg continues to write letters to the staff and it has become a ritual to check the mailbox each afternoon for return letters. “They will never fully understand how meaningful this is to Greg AND to us! Our son is able to write letters because of the Laurel Hall School staff’s dedication and skill as educators,” said Steve. “The staff at Laurel Hall never gave up on Greg. They rescued him and in doing so, saved my whole family.”  

“I would enthusiastically recommend Laurel Hall School to any family with similar challenges. It just may save others’ lives, too,” says Steve.