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Youth Suicide Intervention Strategies

This training will focus on a multi-tiered approach to suicide prevention, ranging from early identification to interventions for youth. Discussion will include an overview of current data and empirical literature on prevention strategies and assessment tools. Attendees will learn how to effectively implement safety planning and other techniques specific to suicidal clients.   View full flyer.


Pornography and Sexual Addiction

Attendees will learn the diagnostic criteria for sexual addiction, common behaviors and problems encountered by sex addicts, strategies for eliminating problem sexual behavior and how to identify and understand Addiction Interaction Disorder. The relationship between sexual addiction and early trauma survival will be reviewed along with managing and pacing recovery in multiple related areas such as behavioral (addictions) and emotional/relationship (intimacy problems).


Substance Use Among Baby Boomers

The baby boomer generation’s reduced stigma regarding the use of illicit substances and misuse of prescription medications and alcohol, coupled with changes in drug disposition, metabolism with aging, and prevalence of co-occurring mental health disorders is increasing the need for geriatric mental health services. This training will examine the complexities of working with this population and present concrete interventions to help clinicians engage older clients in substance use treatment....


Identifying & Combating Implicit Bias in the Clinical Setting

There are many ways that our experiences, attitudes, and implicit biases influence our behavior and how we interpret and approach individuals and situations. For those who provide services in a clinical setting, these implicit or unconscious biases can have an adverse effect on the delivery of quality care, despite the best of intentions.  This seminar will help you learn to recognize your own biases, and reflect on how they may impact and impede your interactions with clients.  Specific...


Eating Disorders in Persons with Higher Weights: Identification & Treatment

Individuals with higher weights and comorbid eating disorders experience significant physical and mental health concerns that are much greater that those who only have one of these conditions. Disordered eating that most commonly occurs in this population includes binge eating and night eating, but it can also include bulimia nervosa and atypical anorexia nervosa. Individuals with these issues often feel shame disclosing these issues due to fear of judgement and weight bias.


Integrative Psychiatric Treatment Approaches for Neurodevelopmental Disorders

This 4-hour seminar will explore the benefits of incorporating alternative treatment therapies with traditional psychotherapy and psychopharmacology. Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) approaches and dietary and nutritional supports will be examined for several neurodevelopmental disorders including autism and ADHD. Discussion will also include the use of these therapeutic modalities for the management of mood disorders, anxiety disorders and will touch on effective therapies to help...