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Creating Work-Life Balance


The Importance of Student Mental Health


Ethical Decision Making in Psychotherapy & Counseling

This program will provide 3 hours of continuing education in ethics, law, professional conduct and risk management to satisfy Maryland licensure requirements.


Effective Interventions for First Episode Psychosis

This seminar will focus on the spectrum of illnesses known as schizophrenia and related disorders, with special emphasis on intervention and treatment for first episode psychosis. This will include historical perspective and etiology, assessment and differential diagnosis, and successful interventions and treatment approaches.


Working with Couples: The Relationship Enhancement (R) Model

This skills-based program will teach clinicians concrete and practical skills for working with couples and families. The Relationship Enhancement® (RE) Model is a psychoeducational program and brief therapy model that employs a skills-training methodology for empowering distressed couples and families.


The Teenage Mind: Unraveling the Mystery

Adolescents are one of the more difficult therapy groups to counsel. Their brains function differently than adults. Many years of research has confirmed that the brain continues to develop well into a youth’s early 20’s.