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Mecks' Story: Out of the Ashes I Rise

Mecks MacMecks Mac received a bipolar disorder diagnosis in the Spring of 2011. In the initial two years post-diagnosis, she faced multiple hospitalizations due to rejecting her diagnosis and disregarding prescribed medication. During this period, she had several inpatient stays at Brook Lane’s hospital. Because of her familiarity with other treatment centers, she confidently says that Brook Lane is her preferred choice when faced with the need for an inpatient mental healthcare environment. Mecks recalls the Brook Lane staff being pleasant and very patient. While at Brook Lane, the most difficult obstacle to overcome was her struggle to accept her diagnosis, which resulted in non-compliance with medication as well as adhering to treatment program requirements. The staff met Mecks with consistent compassion and understanding, even in the midst of outbursts and irritability. They did not hold her past difficult behaviors against her when she would return for another stay.

During one of her stays, she was given the option to receive Electro-convulsive Therapy (ECT). While a proven successful treatment option for many others, Mecks decided it was not right for her. She remains grateful that the nursing staff listened to her concerns and did not force her to try the treatment. The doctors also listened to her during their regular meetings, working with her to develop a treatment plan that best fit her needs. “I wasn’t always easy to be around when I was going through a hospital stay, but the Brook Lane treatment team always seemed to know how to de-escalate situations with kindness and patience,” said Mecks. “The mealtimes made me feel human, like I wasn’t in a treatment facility,” she said. Other highlights for Mecks was the picturesque main campus that offers a serene environment and Brook Lane’s spiritual aspect, anchored by the chapel, which positively impacted her mental well-being. She valued the opportunity to attend church services during treatment.

Since accepting her diagnosis, and with Brook Lane’s support, Mecks earned a Bachelor’s degree in Legal Studies and a Master’s degree in Health and Wellness Coaching. She was even selected as the student commencement speaker for one of her graduation ceremonies. Mecks embarked on writing a memoir series that delves into her mental wellness journey. Her debut memoir, “Out of the Ashes I Rise: Surviving BCDC,” is available on Amazon. Her story continues on Instagram @out.of.the.ashes.i.rise. Mecks would choose Brook Lane for treatment again if needed and would also entrust a child’s psychiatric care to the facility. Brook Lane’s compassionate approach distinguished it from her previous experiences. “Brook Lane was the first inpatient treatment facility that showed me a caring and comfortable treatment experience, and I am forever grateful to them!”