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Meet Art Castro

Arturo “Art” Castro, Employee Support/Training Coordinator at Brook Lane, works in the Human Resources department. Art helps new mental health associates (MHAs) and behavior specialists during their first four months of employment. He observes what they do, finds ways to help and offers advice during the onboarding/orientation period. Art is also responsible for ensuring new hires and current staff are trained properly in the Therapeutic Intervention Program (TIP) for crisis intervention, basic life support, and first aid.

Art has been working at Brook Lane since October 2006. He started as a behavior specialist and worked part-time as a direct care worker in the Stone Bridge Residential Program. Later, he became a full-time lead direct care supervisor and milieu specialist. He watched over and cared for more than 30 adolescents and children ages 6 to 17 daily. He also worked as a part-time (as needed) staff for the inpatient program as an MHA.

"My spiritual walk prompted me to serve young people coming from a familiar background that I understood well,” says Art. “I could have easily become one of the statistics but I wanted to help others experience an incredible life-changing sense of peace that comes from mercy, compassion, and affection.”

The favorite part of the job for Art is knowing that he helps people feel more confident and enjoy their work. He also likes supporting others in experiencing a healthier way of thinking, benefiting their overall health.

Before working at Brook Lane, Art worked in retail as an asset protection manager at Caldor and Macy’s, was a youth pastor, worked in marketing as a customer relations specialist, was a self-employed professional chauffeur and a substitute teacher.

Art attends Robinwood Church in Hagerstown and serves as a musician, housekeeper, speaker, and associate teacher/minister. Art was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. He lives in Hagerstown, Maryland with his wife, Wenda. They have three sons and one daughter and three grandsons and one granddaughter. Art and Wenda raised six children in their household, including Art's younger brother, whom he raised from age 7 after their parents passed away, and his nephew from age 11 to 18.

Art’s passion for helping young people and extensive experience make him an invaluable asset to Brook Lane. His dedication to supporting new hires and helping them improve their interactions with patients and students is essential to ensuring the best care and treatment for those who need help on their mental health journey.