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Pam's Story: From the Throes of Depression to Planning a Spring Vacation

In the realm of mental health treatment, breakthroughs can emerge from unexpected avenues, offering new hope to those who have long grappled with debilitating conditions like major depression. Pam, a Brook Lane patient, shares her journey with Deep Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS), shedding light on her experience before, during, and after the treatment.

Before beginning Deep TMS, Pam found herself entrenched in the throes of major depression, battling with intrusive thoughts daily. “Before I started Deep TMS, I had major depression every day with suicidal thoughts. It was pretty bad,” says Pam. Her son, attuned to her struggles, introduced her to the concept of Deep TMS, prompting her to explore this treatment option further. With the encouragement of her son and her psychiatrist’s referral to Brook Lane, Pam started down a path that would ultimately redefine her relationship with her mental health. Pam was initially apprehensive about the unfamiliar procedure. “I was kind of leery,” she says. “I was thinking it was going to shock me and I was scared.” However, reassured by her son’s explanation, and guided by the supportive team at Brook Lane, she overcame her reservations and decided to give Deep TMS a try.

“Initially, I didn’t really think much about it. I pretty much went with the flow and the appointments without much expectation,” says Pam. However, the subtle yet profound shifts began to manifest sooner than she anticipated. As the treatment progressed, Pam noticed a remarkable transformation within herself. “TMS has been a tremendous help for me. Not long after I started my treatment, my son and daughter noticed a change in me,” says Pam “I am feeling so much better within myself and my outlook on life is much more uplifting.” With each session, Pam experienced a gradual alleviation of her symptoms, marking significant milestones along her healing path. “It’s much easier for me to make a decision that I would not have made before, like going on a vacation,” she says. “I was always very apprehensive and scared of going away. But now, I have a trip planned in April!”

Pam’s journey with Deep TMS not only highlights its success but also emphasizes the compassionate care provided by the Brook Lane team. “The doctors and staff were very nice and comforting,” she says. “They really made it easier for me.” Pam is not afraid to encourage others to consider Deep TMS. “Don’t be afraid to try it and go through the process. It’s not scary like you might think,” she says.

Her story is an inspiration and a testament to resilience, empathy, and the power of innovative treatments in mental health care, echoing a message of hope and healing for those on their own paths toward wellness.

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