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Safe Places, Safe Spaces: Creating Safe & Welcoming Environments for Traumatized LGBTQ Youth

Beaver Creek Counntry Club
9535 Mapleville Road
Hagerstown, MD 21740
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301-733-0331 x1228
$129.00 (6 CEUs)

Pride FlagLesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer or questioning (LGBTQ) youth experience trauma at higher rates than their straight peers. Common trauma experienced by these youth include bullying, harassment, traumatic loss, intimate partner violence and physical and sexual abuse, as well as traumatic forms of societal stigma, bias and rejection. Historically, professionals have failed to recognize and meet the needs of traumatized LGBTQ youth, leading to poor engagement, ineffective treatment and in some cases, perpetuating the youth’s traumatic experiences. To ensure these youth receive the care they deserve, providers need resources to create safe spaces and familiarize themselves with the issues facing traumatized LGBTQ youth.

Participant Learning Objectives:

  • Define the distinct traumas, including bullying, harassment, and social stigma, often experienced by LGBTQ+ youth and recognize how these impact mental health
  • Understand the impact of systemic discrimination and bias against LGBTQ+ youth
  • Develop strategies to create therapeutic settings that are safe, inclusive and welcoming for traumatized LGBTQ+ youth, promoting a sense of security and trust
  • Use inclusive language and communication styles, creating an environment where LGBTQ+ youth feel seen, heard and respected
  • Explore current research findings on trauma experienced by LGBTQ+ youth, critically analyzing research methodologies and implications for clinical practice
  • Understand the importance of establishing collaborative partnerships with LGBTQ+ community organizations and resources

This Program meets the Anti-Oppressive Social Work Practice content requirement. (6 Category I CEUs)


Jason Manning-Beekman, EdD, a licensed clinical professional counselor providing therapy and supervision as the clinical director of Radiant Therapy Counseling LLC, in Burtonsville, Maryland. Dr. Manning-Beekman has worked in all levels of care, but most recently worked in Baltimore, Maryland providing individual therapy and family therapy to LGBTQIA+ children, adults and their families. He has extensive experience working with children and young adults, but specifically those processing their sexual orientation and gender identity.