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How Spirituality Can Help Caregivers

November 4, 2021 - 1:00 pm to 2:00 pm
301-733-0331 x1228
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Spirituality can have a positive impact on a caregiver’s ability to cope with the stress and exhaustion that often accompanies providing primary care for a loved one. Leaning on one’s faith is helpful in seeking meaning and understanding as a caregiver. Faith helps us enhance personal relationships, strengthen bonds and build resilience. Pastor Shank will share helpful scripture and provide Biblical insights about the role of caregivers to emphasize the importance of refueling/refilling the caregiver so they are able to provide compassionate care to others.

Featuring Ron Shank, the director of pastoral care for Brook Lane. Pastor Shank provides spiritual counseling for patients in our hospital and others who seek spiritual guidance. Pastor Ron is Brook Lane’s spiritual liaison to the community, sharing our guiding principles drawn from the ministry of Jesus Christ. He is the author of numerous articles on faith and mental health and provides community outreach by preaching to local congregations to educate them on issues of mental health.