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Staff Profiles

Meet Sarah Schiffres-Grove

Sarah Schiffres-Grove is a licensed clinical social worker providing counseling services at Brook Lane’s North Village outpatient office. She manages of caseload of nearly 100 clients ages 10 years and older.

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Meet Debi Coleman

The role of the medical secretary at Brook Lane is vital to a smooth running office. Individuals on the front line of any organization juggle many tasks that require numerous talents. Debi Coleman does just that for our Frederick outpatient office.

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Meet Jessie Davis, Outpatient Therapist

Helping children learn how to build healthy relationships and develop positive coping and communication skills are the goals of Brook Lane’s THRIVE program. Our THRIVE program in Frederick is managed by Jessie Davis, licensed certified social worker-clinical (LCSW-C).

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Meet Caroline Kinna, Outpatient Therapist

Caroline Kinna knew from a young age that she wanted to become a social worker or therapist to help people better their lives.

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Meet Brook Lane Therapist Amanda Barnhart

Amanda Barnhart is an adult mental health therapist providing counseling services at Brook Lane’s North Village outpatient location.

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Health & Fitness with Sandie Lynch

Most of us like to think that we are eating a nutritious diet but don’t typically spend a lot of time researching and combining food groups to assure it. For dietitians, particularly those working in the hospital environment, this is their way of thinking. Sandie Lynch is the clinical registered dietitian/nutritionist for Brook Lane.

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Meet Robin Morris

If you’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting Robin Morris you were likely struck by her infectious smile and out-going personality. Robin is a licensed clinical social worker providing individual mental health counseling for adults, children and adolescents at our North Village location.

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Meet Christopher Wheatley, PMHNP

Chris Wheatley is a certified psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner working with patients in Brook Lane’s child and adolescent partial hospitalization program, residents at Stone Bridge Home and young clients in outpatient services on our main campus.

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Holly Joyner, Laurel Hall Frederick Principal

Brook Lane’s Laurel Hall Schools, in Hagerstown and Frederick, are both outstanding examples of how Brook Lane accomplishes its mission of helping individuals improve their emotional and behavioral well-being through education and treatment.

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Billy Brick Instructs Mental Health First Aid

Perhaps one of the most challenging roles for Brook Lane is breaking down the stigma of mental health in our community. One of the ways in which we try to accomplish this is by offering free Mental Health First Aid courses, open to the public.

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