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Mental Health

Inspiring Journeys: Laurel Hall’s Hagerstown and Frederick Campuses Honor Graduates

Brook Lane's Laurel Hall School recently held graduation ceremonies celebrating a total of eight well-deserving high school graduates from the 2024 class. Three students graduated from the Hagerstown location, and five from the Frederick location. Each ceremony was unique and captured the spirit of its respective campus.

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Brook Lane to affiliate with Meritus, enhance care for region, state

Move supports a growing community need for mental health services Two long-standing local health providers will join together in July, as Brook Lane and Meritus Health will affiliate, vowing to expand access to mental health services across the region and state.

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From Helpless to Helpful: The Power of Mental Health First Aid

Upon registering for the mental health first aid course, I found myself pondering its relevance, questioning the necessity of mental health first aid in light of my position as a Family Support Specialist.

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Laurel Hall School Receives Type III Licensure to Expand Education Program Opportunities on Brook Lane’s Main Campus

Brook Lane, Western Maryland’s largest non-profit mental health system is excited to announce that its Laurel Hall School in Hagerstown has officially amended the current type I licensure to include a type III education program

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Beyond Therapy: Building Resilience and Success with a Morning Mindfulness Routine

Conversations about therapy inevitably come up with my many clients, family members and friends. Discussions invariably lead to comments such as, “My therapist saved my life.” Or, “Therapy is just not for me.” To some extent, both of these statements lack validity. Therapy is not for those who need it—it is for those who want it.

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Brook Lane holds ribbon cutting for Child & Adolescent High Acuity Residential Crisis Pilot Program: could be replicated and expanded across the state

Brook Lane, Western Maryland’s largest non-profit mental health system held a ribbon cutting on Thursday, March 7 for its new Child & Adolescent High Acuity Residential Crisis Program.

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Brook Lane and Meritus Consider Opportunities to Partner

Supporting a growing community need for mental health services: Brook Lane and Meritus consider opportunities to partner, enhance care for region and state

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Self-Care Solace: Nurturing Wellness and Combating Loneliness

The holidays are almost over and the hustle and bustle of the season is coming to a close. The increased interactions with loved ones will soon be replaced with regular routines and much less social engagement.  It is an opportune time to shed some light on the challenges faced by those grappling with loneliness, particularly the elderly.

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Social Boundaries and Holiday Health: Caring for Yourself and Others

It has been said for many years that the holiday season comes earlier every year. Stores are flooded with festive merchandise before Halloween is even over. Songs and hymns such as the old familiar tune “It’s the most wonderful time of the year” play in stores, offices and on radio stations.

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Minority Mental Health Equity

July is recognized as National Minority Mental Health Awareness Month in honor of Bebe Moore Campbell. Bebe Moore Campbell co-founded the National Alliance on Mental Illness Urban Los Angeles, advocating for mental health education and support for minority groups.

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