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Substance Use Recovery: How Do You Get There?

September is National Recovery Month, a time to spread awareness of substance use recovery, prevention, and treatment. But what exactly is recovery?

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Health & Fitness with Sandie Lynch

Most of us like to think that we are eating a nutritious diet but don’t typically spend a lot of time researching and combining food groups to assure it. For dietitians, particularly those working in the hospital environment, this is their way of thinking. Sandie Lynch is the clinical registered dietitian/nutritionist for Brook Lane.

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12 Tips for a Successful School Year

August is National Back to School Month! Whether it is back to the classroom or back to the distance learning routine, kids need time to adjust to getting back into a more structured world of learning.

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Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, or PTSD, is a form of anxiety that can occur after seeing, experiencing or living through a life-threatening event. This traumatic event may be military combat, assault as an adult or a child, sudden loss of a loved one, being a victim of a motor vehicle accident, or a witness to a catastrophic event.

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Managing Borderline Personality Disorder

May is Mental Health Awareness Month and coincidently, Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) Month. In the mental health care field, borderline personality disorder is something clinicians are exposed to on a fairly regular basis but as a general rule, information about borderline personality is not commonly known.

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Six Tips for Managing Anxiety During COVID-19

For the first time in society, we can contribute to saving the world by staying home and sitting on our couches while binge watching our favorite shows for hours on end.

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Faith-Based Stress Reduction

A guide to using your faith to influence anxiety reduction during COVID-19

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Helping Children Understand Germs & Illness

A Guide to Presenting Information to Children in a Way They Will Understand

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Free Resources to Help During a Pandemic

This is such an unprecedented time in our history. Even those who may be self-proclaimed “homebodies” have never spent this much time inside of their homes.

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